La Collina
di Dioniso

A journey into sharing and wine passion

Global vision, local roots

A diversified market

To meet the needs of our customers beyond the wines of the territory


The trust of our buyers is crucial for us, and we are happy to have a very positive response and a high degree of satisfaction from major players such as the Canadian monopoly. La Collina di Dioniso gave us the opportunity to explore new types of wine, going beyond local productions.

Our market is characterized by diversification, both in terms of price and type of wines offered, meeting the needs of those seeking wines from Langhe and Roero of course, but not only!

We work mainly with small importers with whom we have a strong and direct relationship. We are also developing the hospitality industry domestically, as well as being able to rely on established cooperation with foreign countries, for example, the United States.

Collina di Dioniso

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Purplish red, floral and fruity notes of violet and blueberry, spices such as licorice and green pepper. Appreciated by lovers of ready-to-drink wines with marked acidity. Recommended pairings: appetizers, rich first courses, boiled meats and fritto misto alla piemontese. To be avoided with fish. Read more

Collina di Dioniso

Barolo DOCG

Ruby red tending toward orange, fruity and spicy notes of licorice and coffee, with balsamic undertones. A perfect wine for lovers of complex, structured wines. Recommended pairings: roasts, game, truffles. To avoid: fish. Read more

Collina di Dioniso

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

Ruby red, with hints of red fruits and spices and delicate tannin. It is especially suitable for lovers of young, velvety and fruity wines. Recommended pairings: appetizers, fresh pasta dishes, risottos, omelets. . Read more

Collina di Dioniso

Langhe Nascetta DOC

A white wine, which is suitable for pairing with light dishes, such as appetizers, fish, legumes and vegetables. Read more

Collina di Dioniso

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Light ruby red, fruity, floral and mineral. Notes of wild strawberries, raspberries, cherry and white pepper. Tannin present, but elegant. It is perfect for lovers of complex and structured, yet fresh and elegant wines. Recommended pairings: cold cuts and meat and game dishes. To be avoided with fish. Read more

Collina di Dioniso

Roero Arneis DOCG

Very delicate straw yellow color with greenish highlights. Its aroma is broad, fragrant with hints of fresh fruit, acacia flowers and honey. The flavor is dry, harmonious, with good body and great flavor. It is appreciated by those who like wines with strong aromatic overtones, elegant and able to accompany… Read more