Fabio Oberto A sip of magic and tradition

With passion and commitment, we produce 15,000 prestigious bottles that embody Fabio's experience and a philosophy that combines tradition and innovation. Our heroic vineyards, headquarters and retail outlet in Guarene offer a complete wine experience.


Our production

Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo: wine trilogy between elegance, charm and authenticity of Langhe and Roero.


Three unique labels: the Barolo, the jewel of the Langhe, embodies authenticity and refinement, with selected nebbiolo grapes from vineyards of exceptional quality in La Morra.

Barbera Superiore, a spearhead that hits the mark, reveals a decisive personality and enveloping charm.

Finally, Langhe Nebbiolo, a great classic, gives elegance and aromatic complexity.

The Territory

The hidden treasures in Vicoforte and the Roero

From altitude to expert hands, discovering the secrets of our vineyards through a new enological journey


Why are we so attached to our vineyards located in Vicoforte and Montaldo Roero?

We have devoted scrupulous attention to the cultivation of Nebbiolo:in Vicoforte we have a vineyard 500 meters above sea level, while in Montaldo Roero the grapes are managed exclusively by hand since the steepness and narrow rows of our vineyard do not allow the use of tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Careful and laborious work that is yielding great satisfaction and wines that enchant the most refined palates.


Diversify & Grow

La Collina di Dioniso

Enhancing quality wines by collaborating with small producers and diversifying offerings by opening up to a wider market, including internationally.



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