The Cellar Passion and wine legacy: 15,000 bottles of prestige

The Oberto name is certainly not new to connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the wine world: I have produced prestigious red wines, learned a lot and cultivated my passion while working at the Andrea Oberto Family Winery, working with my father for 22 years.

After launching the project La Collina di Dionisio, which deals with wine distribution and marketing, today together with my partner Lorenzo I am ready to start a new story.

Ours is a small-scale farm dedicated to producing high-quality labels in limited editions, about 15,000 bottles, that embody Fabio’s experience and a philosophy that looks carefully to tomorrow while respecting tradition.

Heroic Vineyards

Steep slopes and brash elevations

All of our vineyards have been included in the list of heroic vineyards in the Piedmont region, as the average slope of the terrain of the vine areas is more than 30 percent.


Heroic vineyards have specific requirements that distinguish them. An area planted with vines can be defined as heroic if it meets at least one of the following criteria: have an average soil slope of more than 30 percent, be at an average altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level (excluding vineyards located on plateaus), or have vine plantings arranged on terraces and steps.

These criteria pose significant challenges for winemakers, but at the same time they give special characteristics to heroic vineyards, creating unique conditions and producing wines that tell stories of courage and dedication.

Collina di Dioniso

A complete wine experience in our store

Our operations are located in Guarene, where the entire production process takes place, from crushing to bottling, and of course direct sales.


Our store is a space designed to sell our products and more: here you will find a selection of different labels,not only from Langhe and Roero but also from other wine areas,to meet the needs of the nativeswho look for out-of-town wines to discover.

La Collina di Dioniso allows us to meet the needs of all customers and all palates.

That is why in our store you can find a selection of different labels and not just the three main ones from our farm, which are the result of the direct cultivation and vinification of our grapes.

The Wines

The rarity of taste: three excellent labels

We dedicate ourselves with passion and commitment to create only three labels, each of them the result of painstaking attention, meticulous work and uncompromising craftsmanship.


First of all, there is Barolo, a true jewel of the Langhe: with exceptionally high quality nebbiolo grapes from selected vineyards, our Barolo represents the most authentic and refined expression of this prestigious appellation.

Our spearhead, the star player that when it enters the field scores, is the Barbera Superiore, a wine that stands out for its decisive personality and enveloping charm.

Finally, a great classic, Langhe Nebbiolo: from carefully selected grapes, we obtain an elegant and refined wine that reveals great aromatic complexity and an enveloping flavor texture.

In every bottle is our commitment to create wines of excellence that express the authentic essence of the land where they are born and our passion for the art of winemaking.



The production of a great wine

While most of the production process takes place in Guarene, Barolo winemaking takes place at the Andrea Oberto winery, located in La Morra.


Here, thanks to skills handed down from generation to generation, we achieve an extraordinary result.

Soon it will be possible to participate in tastings of our Barolo wines right in La Morra, immersed in a unique atmosphere that embodies the tradition and history of this renowned wine region.

Our Barolo is produced following established methods, using the submerged cap technique to give a particular flavor profile, structure and character.

When the grapes ferment, the skins rise upward to form a floating layer: this layer of skins is immersed in the must during fermentation, rather than remaining in contact with the air.

We also practice double harvesting: during the first we select the best grapes to create our base Barolo. Then, after ten days, we harvest the part left on the plant and proceed to winemaking. The result is an authentic, character-rich Barolo that ages in 500-600 liter barrels.


Fabio Oberto

Barolo DOCG

Garnet-red color with brick-orange hues that intensify over time. The aroma is intense, complex, but delicate and ethereal at the same time; the taste is warm, full and dry. Its complexity comes from the persistence of the tannins. A perfect wine for lovers of structured, complex wines that evolve with… Read more

Barbera d’Alba

The flagship of our winery

The production of Barbera d’Alba Superiore is limited, as we wish to maintain the quality and authenticity of our wine at sublime levels.


We have chosen to use barrels that are fourth or fifth passage, to ensure perfect harmony between the wine and the wood. This choice allows us to avoid any unwanted wood residue and achieve anelegant integration of aromas.

The wine is left to mature carefully in barrels for an appropriate period of time, allowing it to develop complexity and structure. During this aging phase, the wine acquires enveloping aromas, spicy notes and a pleasant roundness that enhances its distinctive characters.

For us, attention to detail is also crucial in the presentation of our wine. Bottles of Barbera Superiore are wrapped in high-quality paper, reflecting theelegance and importance of our flagship product.

We invite you to discover our Barbera Superiore, a wine that embodies our passion and fully represents us.


Fabio Oberto

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Wine that has a brilliant ruby red color, the nose has hints of fresh spices, but also red fruit, crisp apple, on the palate thanks to its nice minerality is fresh but is also mitigated by the passage in barrique that makes it soft and delicate, hints of pepper and… Read more