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Fabio Oberto

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Wine that has a brilliant ruby red color, the nose has hints of fresh spices, but also red fruit, crisp apple, on the palate thanks to its nice minerality is fresh but is also mitigated by the passage in barrique that makes it soft and delicate, hints of pepper and… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Barbera d’Alba DOC Ilaria

Ruby red color with garnet hues that become more evident as time passes. The smell is delicate, intense, full and persistent; the taste is warm, full-bodied, complex, dry and harmonious. It is perfect for lovers of full-bodied, velvety, enveloping wines. Recommended pairings: first courses, main courses, chocolate desserts. Avoid with… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Barolo DOCG

Garnet-red color with brick-orange hues that intensify over time. The aroma is intense, complex, but delicate and ethereal at the same time; the taste is warm, full and dry. Its complexity comes from the persistence of the tannins. A perfect wine for lovers of structured, complex wines that evolve with… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Barolo DOCG del Comune di La Morra

To the eye it offers a very beautiful color scheme, never too intense, but very stable over time. The bouquet is rich, broad and very persistent. Reminiscent of fresh fruit, small fruits in particular, sensations of sweet spices, mountain hay and underbrush. Very good structure; tannins and acids are present… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Barolo DOCG Perno

A wine with quite pronounced and intense color and hues, stable over time. Bouquet always very broad, intense and persistent. Great vinous sensations are alternated with notes of ripe fruit, noble woods, spices and licorice. On the palate great sensation of warmth; acids and tannins always very evident but turning… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

The color is ruby red with violet hues that fade over time. The nose is delicate, floral, intense, full and persistent; the palate fresh, fruity, full and complete. It is especially good for all lovers of fruity wines that can also be drunk in summer, slightly chilled. Recommended pairings: appetizers,… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Langhe Nascetta DOC

Straw-yellow in color, it has greenish, barely noticeable highlights. Broad, intense, fruity, floral aroma, very pleasant and very persistent. Taste dry, well-structured and pleasantly acidic; delicate and elegant. Ennobled by a long aromatic persistence. Very delicate wine, characterized by a long persistence so very suitable for an audience with a… Read more

Fabio Oberto

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

This Nebbiolo comes from the sandy vineyards of Montaldo Roero. All of our vineyards in this municipality are among the list of heroic vineyards as they are characterized by an average soil slope of more than 30 percent. Garnet-red color with orange hues that become more pronounced with aging. The… Read more