Enhancing the diversity of the area: hidden treasures in Vicoforte and the Roero

Wine exploration

Our adventure in Vicoforte

Among the sinuous hills of Vicoforte and Montaldo Roero, a wine journey between tradition, innovation and unique soils to explore.


In Vicoforte, a town known for its historic, majestic and imposing sanctuary, just a stone’s throw from the Langa Moregalese, our vineyards cover an area of 4 hectares, where we have devoted special attention to the cultivation of nebbiolo.

This ambitious idea took shape thanks to work done together with agronomy expert Dino Bevione and winemaker Sergio Molino, with the goal of exploring the potential of growing at a higher altitude, at 500 meters.

The project was created through collaboration with Massimo Martinelli, a friend and influential figure in the history of wine in this area.

A passionate storyteller, able to tell the stories he experienced during the early stages of the development and growth of this fascinating industry in theRatti company.

Massimo was looking for someone who could take care of this vineyard, and so an idea became first a suggestion, then a bet.

One hectare of the land is already dedicated to growing Nebbiolo, and since last year we have been carrying out maintenance work to ensure its optimal growth. 2023 is the first year of production.


A land bathed in opportunity, in every sense of the word

The distinguishing characteristic of this area is the higher frequency of rainfall: as it lacks coverage by hills, cold currents from the mountains have free passage, creating a wetter condition than in the Langhe.

In these increasingly hot and dry summers, the Vicoforte soil represents a challenge but also a hope and a new frontier in the future of viticulture in Piedmont.

We planned to include some Pinot Noir vines in addition to Nebbiolo. Currently, we are working on planting the new rooted cuttings.

Unfortunately, our vineyard is prone to hailstorms, an element of bad luck that requires special attention, but our wine adventure in Vicoforte continues to evolve, driven by passion and determination to make the most of the unique characteristics of the land.



Beyond Barolo: exploring the winemaking excellence of Roero


Our mission in producing fine wines goes beyond Barolo, embracing a variety of labels from different wine areas.

In the commune of Montaldo Roero, we grow nebbiolo on an area of 3 hectares. Here, our vineyards benefit from ideal conditions that impart unique aromas and flavors to the wine.

Part of this vineyard, from which we derive our Langhe Nebbiolo, is worked exclusively by hand: it is 6000 meters of very steep vineyard, with narrow rows where it is not possible to pass with tractors and farm vehicles.